Belles & Chimes is a nationwide network of women's pinball leagues, founded in 2013 in Oakland, California.

Our mission is to provide a fun, social environment for women to play pinball together.

About Belles & Chimes


The mission of Belles & Chimes is to provide a fun, social environment for women to play pinball together.


Belles & Chimes currently has 10 chapters throughout the United States.

Belles & Chimes Oakland

Founded: 2013

Location: Oakland, CA

Meets at: Five10 Pizza


Organizer: Echa Schneider


Belles & Chimes NYC

Founded: 2014

Location: New York, NY

Meets at: Pioneers Bar


Organizer: Jade Ang


Belles & Chimes PDX

Founded: 2015

Location: Portland, OR

Meets at: C-Bar


Organizer: Jessica DeNardo


Belles & Chimes Eugene

Founded: 2015

Location: Eugene, OR

Meets at: Blairally Vintage Arcade


Organizer: Hayle McRadyen


Belles & Chimes OKC

Founded: 2016

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Meets at: Cactus Jack's Family Fun Center


Organizer: Carolyn Dawson


Belles & Chimes CLE

Founded: 2016

Location: Cleveland, OH

Meets at: Happy Dog Euclid Tavern


Organizer: Megan Brown


Belles & Chimes ANB

Founded: 2016

Location: Portland, ME

Meets at: Arcadia National Bar


Organizer: Theresa Nessel


Belles & Chimes PHX

Founded: 2017

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Meets at: various locations, including The Grid, Tilt Studio, and Starfighters Arcade


Organizer: Tracy Lindbergh


Belles & Chimes Denver

Founded: 2017

Location: Denver, CO

Meets at: The 1UP - Colfax and Cuckoo's Nest


Organizer: Andrea Bastien


Belles & Chimes Chicago

Founded: 2017

Location: Chicago, IL

Meets at: Logan Arcade


Organizer: Kate Porter


Start a Chapter

If you're interested in starting a Belles & Chimes chapter in your area, get in touch with founder Echa Schneider by emailing

Belles & Chimes operates on the assumption that chapter leaders know best what works for their communities. Therefore, we do not require any specific format or frequency for affiliated leagues.

We are happy to provide suggested formats and technical advice whenever asked, but in general organizers are free to run their chapters as they please as, subject to the following rules:

1. Belles & Chimes events are women only.

2. Chapters should included a link to as well as the following language on their website, "about" section of their Facebook page, and in any press release or media contacts about the league: "Belles & Chimes is a nationwide network of women's pinball leagues started in 2013 in Oakland, California."

3. Sexualized imagery should not be used on any promotional materials (posters, flyers, FB event photos, etc.) for Belles & Chimes events.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to

Odds & Ends

PinPin Women's Tournament

Women pinheads should also all be aware of the annual women-only tournament at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas put on by Colorado-based pinhead Trailer Tom of PinPin Films.

Women from all over the country travel to compete in a one-day tournament for a brand new-in-box Stern pinball machine! It's always a great time, and a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of other women pinheads.

This year's PinPin Women-Only tournament will be held on Saturday, May 20th.

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